These 3 Stereotypes happens in India only



‘Better late than never ‘this saying seems fit in the current scenario of heating arguments going on between Abhay deol and Yami Gautam. Let’s take a moment to appreciate Abhay deol’s stellar comments over fairness cream ad on loop on televisions of India. This is just one of the stupid stereotypes that happen in the India only. There are some other things too that needs to get some attention in order to make people think over it and not follow like a zealot. Let’s see these three stereotypes in India that will get on your nerves.


  1. Big Fat Weddings– Usually, weddings bring happiness. In India, weddings do bring happiness but more than the happiness, it brings tension to the family, loan to the family, anxiety to the family, more loans to the family, arguments in the family, more EMIs to the family, more financial crisis for next five years. Indian weddings are all about pleasing society, which is why every family thinks it is mandatory to throw a grand reception even if you cannot really afford it..


If it’s your wedding, wait for it, you’ll be seeing your relatives that you did not even know that they are your relative.


There will be some of your relative that never saw you either, still they are coming from some other corner of the world to attend the wedding and nit-pick everything saying ‘we came all the way to here to see this, huh’


Then there will be your annoying neighbor aunties that will be sitting in groups at your home, eating your food gossiping about every single topic happening in your house. Also, do not mind if you hear anything related to the feast at the reception, you must know that they tried every single thing, they ate everything, they are full to the neck, bad bitching is just part of their hobbies.

You know how you have to be like-


Why it has to be that way? Why cannot be weddings be simple with only your closed ones, who are actually the people who wants to be the part of your happiness and support you if anything goes on the down line instead of people who loves to watch you getting in the crises and ready to make fun of everything behind your back.



2. Fair complexion– If you are born with dusky or brown complexion then just get ready to hear hundreds of home remedies to make you fair- Try face pack of curd, corn flour and turmeric  (and remaining paste you can use for Bhajiye) Basically, use all the edible products on face because according to them you got one ultimate goal in life- fair skin.


Use sandalwood paste on your face for a brighter complexion otherwise it will be hard to find a groom for you (sandalwood is expensive; you better use your money on a better thing say education?) Or you can just be like this

and move on.


How dark you look god, you should always wear a scarf and hand gloves when going out in the sun otherwise you’ll get darker (No like seriously? Sun tans you? Oh thanks! ) Or avoid going out in the sun at all (Sure, I’ll lock myself in home for years and swallow the key)



“Guys like fair skin color” (Why it’s always about guy’s choice, hello I too have choices- a guy that is decent enough to not have a skin color preference because I’m not a color from a color palette but a human (Though I sparkle, from the inside). Thank you!

Or how about making your Queen B. game strong?-



Do something for your skin now otherwise you won’t get any marriage proposals” (Well, I’m doing something to get great business proposals, isn’t that enough?)




Skip a one day bath and you’ll be hearing – You should bath every day, this is why you are so dark (Man I’m bathing since I born, why aren’t I’m Edward Cullen already? I have always had the same skin)



“Try some fairness cream to look fairer otherwise you’ll not look confident” (Damn!! All this time I was thinking fairness has nothing to do with confidence, ah STUPID me) this ads always perturbed the peace of mind of many of the girls out there with dusky or brown complexion.

The list of this kind of comments is just endless; fairness has nothing to do with confidence. It’s the negativity that we get from these comments that actually lowers the confidence of dark skinned girls. You should embrace what you got, don’t let any of these things lower your confidence, Remember, you are beautiful the way you are.



3.  Girl Child & the Dowry– If you’ll say Sun, they’ll say Moon; if you’ll say Stars, they’ll say Sky; if you’ll say Rain, they’ll say Rainbow; if you’ll say Girl child, they’ll say Dowry. Yeap. That’s how it is in India. India reached moon, going digital every second but the society game is still strong. The society still sees a girl child as one of the biggest liability and hence, they are still quite unwanted in families. We are in 21st century, we talk about feminism, we talk about equality and then there are cases where we hear a new born girl child abandoned by parents; found in dustbin, like seriously? Talking about an actual equal society where there is no difference at all in girls and boys seems like utopia.



Parents start to save money for the dowry as soon as the girl child born. Many families cut down on their girl’s education, as higher education is as expensive as the dowry so instead of wasting money on education, let’s invest in dowry. (SURE, wasting)

*(Rolled my eyes so hard that it hurts)*



If a girl’s life is not miserable enough hearing the worries about her marriage and dowry, our dear rishta aunties (match maker aunties) make us sure to make it more miserable by keep telling us to quit studies and learn chores, cooking etc. If that’s not it, they’ll keep suggesting your parents to get your daughter married before 22-23 (or as early as you start to walk on your legs)



If, god forbid, you crossed age of 28, then either you’re not getting married at all or you have to marry a divorcee or 40-50 year old uncle. Get ready if you’re parents taking you to any family gatherings or introducing you with random people in different functions, you’re getting paired with every single guy they see; congratulations, you’re getting married soon. (Rishta aunties did their part so well)




Society was always like this, will always be like this. Let it not come in your and your family’s way of happiness. Let them do the talk. You do the thing you need to do, not giving a damn.



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