“Talking to a girl is Sin”

I’m not going to beat around the bush and will ask straight, what exactly is a Religion? Everyone has their own definitions, their own values for their religion, their own policies to follow their religion, their will to value other religions, to accept other religions and some even convert their religion to some other religion. What a religion do to an individual or to a society? Why is it so important? (I’m sure with this two questions coming could breakout crazy commotion only If I would have said this in public). If I have to answer this, then I’m very clear about what a religion really do to a society and to an individual. It restricts. It restricts in each and every manner. It restricts all the creativity a person has to show and what a society could possibly embrace, only if the religions allow.


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A few days ago, I was talking to one of my male friend whose religion is different from my religion and I must say he belongs to one of the strict religion I’ve heard of. (Not naming any religion because people take religion as the most sensitive issue god knows why). I don’t know how the religion topic came up, but I was glad that it came up as I got to hear something so idiosyncratic that again, I was questioning myself like this is what a religion does? A person who is well educated from a highly educated background believes something like ‘talking to a girl is sin’ I shouldn’t be doing this and by talking to girls I’m not following my religion’ SAY WHAT? I was running out of words, my thought process went on pause. How like how someone can even believe that thing even if it’s in your religion. A person who is educated enough cannot make a rational and logical thinking over something like this?

We are in 21st century, we talk about equality, we stand for equality, and we fought for equality then how can someone from this century believes something like ‘talking to a girl is sin’ like how on earth on what basis it’s declared as a sin? Possibly it’s the same old gender war, man chauvinism deceiving as religion: considering females to be the lower, fragile, timid gender or it’s something to draw a line between the male and the female. Admittedly, it’s about manifesting the differences, about always reminding that there is always a difference, a difference like superiority and inferiority. Let’s say, it was something years and years back but now the world has changed, if your religion does not allow you something like this then you have to think over what exactly your religion is stipulating, is it something that you think is right or not. Give it some time. Be little thoughtful. This is important because if you blindly follow what your religion is saying without giving any single thought to it, then your generation will follow the same and this will just go on and on like that, eventually a world full of blind followers will lead us to a dark future only.



On the one hand, I call myself a very religious person because I believe in all religions, on the other hand, I call myself a no religion person because I do what I feel or think is right, I don’t care what any religion say. A religion should be something that could guide you in right path, should be something that brings harmony in the society unlike what I’ve seen what religions do like raising tumults, shading blood over something like cross religion marriage. Why societies forget that, from the beginning and in the end, we all are HUMANS and a human marrying a human should be a normal, acceptable thing everywhere no matter what are their religions. In a developing country like India, where technology is at its best, where there are sky high buildings, modern culture yet there are still a lot no like A LOT cases of honor killing- where parents kill their own daughter/son in order to prevent them from marrying a person from different cast. This is so hard to believe when we are living in a century where people are talking about living on moon, that’s how much the humankind has grown but still the society is as it is, it hasn’t changed much. It’s good if someone is devoted to their religion, is a follower of their religion but there is a difference in being a follower and being a zealot. A blind following could lead world to destruction.


Be truthful to yourself, to your actions, to your loved ones, to your god and you will need not to worry about whether you’re doing any sin according to your religion or not.

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