Steps every girl should follow to lead a happy life, alone!


Get dressed, go for walk alone, hold your own hands together- pray, sit with yourself, talk alone, make something delicious just for you to eat, laugh on your own jokes, play with your own hair, rather than being a crestfallen about being alone on a rainy evening- get a book and hot chocolate, spend time with yourself, take yourself on a date, a movie date(Avoid notebook or just any love story), a lunch date, pay your own bill, feel the independency, feel the freedom, put all your lipstick, wear sparkles, take out your prettiest heels, look poised, enjoy martinis, make eye contacts, walk out being a lady,  wake up early or late, shower, shower long, soak yourself in bathtub and in your thoughts, don’t try to perfect your winged eyeliner, bump into someone or something, proudly accept you’re clumsy, put your comfortable clothes,  get your sneakers, be natural, go to a carousel, scream, sit like a dork, hop around, deep sigh every hour, giggle, laugh, smile, walk in your ugly pajamas(But pajamas are always cute), watch a series, watch back to back series, don’t see time, take out time for what you love, bring out your creative side, draw, draw ugly, call it abstract or modern art, sketch, design, spill out any creativity you have, respect the elders, love the kids, help the rest, middle fingers to guys(jokes), try new looks, get fringes even if they don’t suit you, chew your food with an open mouth, annoy yourself, make up to yourself then, treat yourself with a scoop of ice-cream or bucket of ice-cream (bucket is a sure choice)take new routes, get lost, get afraid, find your way, feel brave, dance on street; let them watch you, nobody cares anyway, sing, sing even if you can’t, sing in the bathroom, sing on the roads, let their ears bleed, roll your eyes, you don’t care anyway, take yourself on long drives, play loud music, sing along, open your hair, stick out your hand, swing your scarf, sit on terrace, alone, watch stars or city lights, talk to the moon, sip your coffee making worst sounds, get magenta highlights, hate them later, regret for a minute, praise your stupid decisions, laugh on them, don’t repeat them (magenta highlights, really?), ride bicycles, adorn it with flowers, go to the woods, sit there, watch the lake, feel the serendipity, sit with your feet in the water, be like water, cold and calm, make your own rules, break them, be a pretty face or a bitch face, both are cool, either feel nothing or feel happy, click your pictures, click hundreds of pictures of you, pout even if you can’t, engross yourself in your work, be competitive, be a boss lady, drink enough water or beer, eat dessert before the dinner, watch Disney movies, laugh on Cinderella, still wish to be a princess, stressed? Think of britney’s head shave of 2007, you’re still sane and better,  learn new language, curse in new language to not let people understand(jk), don’t bother about your weird shaped eyebrows, make more messy bun, let your hair be messy, your room be messy, your life be messy, do not give a damn about anything, just live, just live like a free soul, do not just live, be alive.

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