Nine days, Three attacks

Does anyone remember what people used to say about US? Well, I remember, I used to hear that ‘I moved to US for a better life’. US used to be the safe country while now it’s becoming the most intimidating country. Three attacks in nine days. Three attacks on three Indian people. Does Mr. Trump realize now that what his speeches have done? To me, his speeches and all this attacks happening are equal to terrorist activities. Everyone knows how terrorist are made, those who don’t know-some leaders give SPEECHES and influence people in the name of Jihad, in the name of god, in the name of their COUNTRY. Mr. Donald Trump gave his excellent speeches for betterment of United States of America and its people but he always specifically mentioned ‘American people first’, which is very well accepted. United States are known for its cultural diversity. People from all over the world are living in the States. They consider it their home, and it is their home; what you’ll call a home? Where you’ve been living all your life, where you made memories, where you met people, where you all became one, where no race matters and if someone call you to get out of your own home, which you have made on your own, with all your hard work. How can one leave that all? Those who consider States their home and built their life there and considered themselves to be a part of that nation, been part of that nation’s economy, been a part of their people, get to know that now they are not really the part of that nation, they are mere visitors. A sentence that provoked many minds-  ‘For the betterment of America and its American people first’. Those who always had these feelings now got the guts. This one single sentence was enough for those small minds to get provoked and to take these cruel steps to kill people in one shot. I am sure something like this is very saddening to anyone but those people who lost their loved ones, it saddens them the most that their dear ones got shot and died because of those crazy provoked small minded persons, who didn’t wanted to see them in their country. It is heart breaking to see someone losing their life over something so silly and frivolous. I can only wonder, how would it have been if no speeches were made, if only talks about betterment of a country would have done, if only we are one, we are together was echoing in States, and no specifications about any race, any country would have been made, then there would have been no regrets, no gloominess thinking about three innocent lives, who lost their lives in vain. Stop the hate, we all are human. How hard it is for a human to see other human as human only, without any race, gender, color. See everyone around you as human, and there will be no complexity, jealousy, hatred, but only kindness, humbleness and love.

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