4 Inspirational (fun too) movies you CANNOT afford to miss! Ft. Hollywood

Movies has the power to evoke emotions, it can make you cry, laugh, dance, sing, act and what not. Trust me or not, No just trust me-movies are something that can teach you some great life lessons very subtly that you’ll be realizing a little late. The art of movies is that you get totally engrossed while watching a movie that you start to connect with a movie, its character or dialogues to some emotional, mental levels. Do you remember anything that Thomas Jefferson has said?  But you do remember “Why so serious?”  Dialogue from Dark Knight or “Where to Miss …  to the stars” from Titanic. That’s the beauty of movies; it makes you remember things that will last long in your memory without any efforts of remembering them. Just like-



Shawshank Redemption– If you haven’t seen this movie, then you’re running at a big loss. WATCH IT. This is a very classic movie. If you’ve seen this movie then you are surely in love with character of Andy and Red. (Don’t you just ship Andy and Red already?) The very first thing you should learn from this is to keep your hopes alive. Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) was sentenced life imprisonment in Shawshank State Penitentiary. He was hopeful and was working on his plan of prison break from the very moment he entered the jail. It took him 19 years to dig a tunnel with a rock hammer and he escaped. It was his hope that gave him strength and patience. Patience is just another key to success. On that note, let’s see some great learning from Shawshank Redemption’s dialogues




Forrest Gump- Another great movie of year 1994(On a personal note, I announce 1994 as year of classic movies. Thank you). This movie has so much to offer- comedy, romance, and drama. Again, if you haven’t seen Forrest Gump, it’s a loss I feel sorry for you. To allure some of you-Tom hanks is Forrest Gump. If you’re someone facing failures, not content enough with life, or just generally looking for some inspiration. Well, this movie is a sure pick for this weekend then. How Forrest Gump- a special child (low IQ) went so far in his life with his strong determination and neglecting the fact whether he’s capable or not by saying just one line- “My mama says that stupid is as stupid does”. He never underestimated himself. Take the note right now. There are many dialogues that you’ll hear and will get inspired instantly.

















Legally Blonde- Chick flick fan? Here’s one for you. I know people be like how come a chick flick is inspirational or motivational? Well, you’re mistaken, BIG TIME. Legally blonde is so subtly inspirational; it takes bad decision, wrong partners, some real life motives to understand the inspirational part. Elle Woods- a legally blonde, let’s put it in more simple one word- Bimbo, is in love with her smart boyfriend, who is going to a law college and hence, he breaks up with Elle saying he’s getting engaged to a fellow law (smart) student. In order to get his love of life back, the blondie decides to go to the same law college, not just any law college but Harvard law college. It takes her some real efforts to get into the college, then to be equally smart to be a lawyer. Like some REAL EFFORTS. You know the best part of the movie? When she rejects her boyfriend, the boyfriend for whom she cried so much, studied so hard, made all her way to Harvard, competed with his fiancé to look smart in front of him. If you’re that clingy kinda person who’s looking for love you’ve lost in one place, well just stop. Stop for looking for love at all, it will come to you. You do what’s important for you to do- love yourself.








Eddie the Eagle- You may see this movie as last movie of the list and may assume that this is not as great as other three above. Well, I just want to put all these movies in top because these are really top movies. Eddie the Eagle is a personal favorite. The kind of vibes you will be getting after watching this movie like you will feel full, full of positivism. Well if you’re putting this movie off because of the dorky looking guy in the lead then mind you *Hotness Alert* – Hugh Jackman is in movie too. It’s a 2016 movie so I don’t really want to reveal anything about the movie, if you haven’t seen- It’s a MUST movie. In addition, It’s a good family watch (Note- if you’re one ‘good for nothing’ kinda kid for your parents, this movie is for you) Eddie the eagle, for your information, is a biography. So everything that you see in the movie is practical. Someone has done it, so can you?





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