3 new found life changing perspective to conquer life!



Life is bitch, and we all very well accept it. Everyone in their life, i repeat, EVERYONE in their life go through a depressing time period, when they are all broken and well, nobody wants to bear the pain of the broken pieces, right? A depressed person is like someone stuck in bog, the more they throw their legs and hands to get out, the more they sink in. They have to help themselves by pushing themselves out with patience, positivism and most importantly,  motivation that they can do it, they will be fine, again.

It’s not that it’s an article dedicated to depressed people only, anyone can read it, after all, a little motivation is always a good idea.


You never understand the value of something until you lose it. Can you imagine the regret once it is lost? Absence of something/someone really torn from the inside. Did you sneak out at night with your dad’s new car and bumped it into a tree or something? That’s okay. Communicate. That’s all. You will be getting some harangue (You deserve that) What else he can do? Cut down your pocket money? (You deserve that too). First heart break? It’s okay. There are still billions of guys/girls out there, alive. Facing too many failures? That says you’re trying and every time you try, you fail but you learn something new, now don’t be like “learning don’t pay my bills”. If you’re really learning and hustling to be successful, no goddamn thing can stop you, all you have to do is ‘ hustle and believe in yourself”. Remember, problems are temporary, they’ll pass but once you’re passed out, you are never coming back. *no pun intended*


Have you seen the northern lights yet? Witnessed beautiful sunset at Greece yet? Did you kiss in the Eiffel Tower yet? Enjoyed the thrill of sky diving yet?  Did you complete your entire  bucket list? Have you been lost in a new country while exploring yet? Did you lock your love on the bridge yet? Have you tried Ice fishing with your best friend in minus degrees yet? Did you had sumptuous dinner in candle light with your legs in water at Maldives? Did you scored all of your life goals?  Did you catch a little fish doing scuba diving (don’t just pick any, they can be poisonous lol)? Did you ever try crazy karaoke with your crazy friends yet? Have you ever been on a blind date? Did you try the near death experience by riding a roller coaster? I can just go on and on and on. Did you see?  There are so many beautiful things you still have to do. If you ever get so depressed that you feel you got no good reason to live, well, I just gave you some right here.


You messed up something? You messed up all your life? Come on, there still a long way to go, you haven’t seen your ‘all life’ yet. You never know what’s coming in your way? So, how can you decide that all your life going to be this much screwed? You did mess up, everyone do that, what’s the big deal. In fact, try laughing out loud on your own mess, sure people will call you weird, shameless but who cares anyway? Two shots and you’re ready to give no damn at all and shrug everything saying ‘I don’t care’ (to you only, don’t say it to your boss if you messed up your job specially) You’ll find a way to fix and if not, make something out it, show your creativity. Start enjoying your problems like people enjoy when someone falls. There is no bad in taking things lightly (I said things, don’t take your girlfriend lightly. EVER.)


Don’t ever get so engrossed in your problem that all you can see is dark. Nights are always dark, but there are mornings that brings the lights out. So, it’s just the nights that you have to survive, morning will come, sun will come and bring sunshine and you’ll be fine, again. xoxo


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